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International Bulk sms

Welcome to International Bulk SMS - www.intlbulksms.com


International Bulk SMS Gateway - We provide SMPP, API & SMS Software services to following countries & operator networks:

South America:- Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Peru

For operator wise bulk sms coverage & pricing list, CLICK HERE


Country Operator MCC MNC Cost Per SMS (in Euro)
Argentina AMX Argentina-CLARO 722 310  
Argentina Mtel Argentina Radiomensaje S.A 722 30  
Argentina Nextel Communications Argentina S.A 722 020  
Argentina Telecom Personal S.A 722 340  
Argentina Telefonica Comunicaciones Personales S.A 722 010  


Country Operator MCC MNC Cost Per SMS (in Euro)
Brazil Brasil Telecom-Oi 724 16  
Brazil Claro-Americel 724 05  
Brazil CTBC Celular 724 32  
Brazil Nextel 724 00  
Brazil Oi-TNL 724 31  
Brazil Sercomtel Celular 724 15  
Brazil TIM 724 02  
Brazil Unicel do Brasil 724 37  
Brazil Vivo 724 06  


Country Operator MCC MNC Cost Per SMS (in Euro)
Chile Claro 730 03  
Chile ENTEL PCS 730 01  
Chile EntelTelefonia 730 10  
Chile TelefonicaMovistar 730 02  


Country Operator MCC MNC Cost Per SMS (in Euro)
Bolivia Entel 736 02  
Bolivia Nuevatel PCS De Viva 736 01  
Bolivia Telecel(Tigo) 736 03  


Country Operator MCC MNC Cost Per SMS (in Euro)
Uruguay Antel (Compania) 748 01  
Uruguay Claro(AM Wireless) 748 10  
Uruguay Telef(Movistar) 748 07  


Country Operator MCC MNC Cost Per SMS (in Euro)
Peru America Movil(Claro) 716 10  
Peru Nextel del Peru SA 716 07  
Peru Telefonica(Movistar) 716 06  

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