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International Bulk sms

Welcome to International Bulk SMS - www.intlbulksms.com


International Bulk SMS Gateway - We provide SMPP, API & SMS Software services to following countries & operator networks:

Central Asia:- Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan

For operator wise bulk sms coverage & pricing list, CLICK HERE


Country Operator MCC MNC Cost Per SMS (in Euro)
Uzbekistan Buztel 434 01  
Uzbekistan Coscom 434 05  
Uzbekistan Unitel (Beeline) 434 04  
Uzbekistan Uzdunrobita 434 07  
Uzbekistan Uzmacom 434 02  


Country Operator MCC MNC Cost Per SMS (in Euro)
Kyrgyzstan AkTel (Fonex) 437 03  
Kyrgyzstan Beeline (Sky) 437 01  
Kyrgyzstan BiMoCom (Megacom) 437 05  
Kyrgyzstan O! (Nur Telecom) 437 09  


Country Operator MCC MNC Cost Per SMS (in Euro)
Turkmenistan BCTI 438 01  
Turkmenistan TM-Cell 438 02  


Country Operator MCC MNC Cost Per SMS (in Euro)
Tajikistan Babilon Mobile 436 04  
Tajikistan MLT (TT-Mobile) 436 03  
Tajikistan TAKOM (Beeline) 436 05  
Tajikistan Tcell (INDIGO) 436 02  
Tajikistan Tcell (Somoncom) 436 01  


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